Accounting Services

Accounting Services




Payroll Services

Our firm provides top quality professional payroll services to help make managing your payroll hassle free. Our payroll services for business are customized to make sure we are meeting the particular needs of your business. We understand that no two companies are the same, and customized payroll processing solutions are required to ensure your business’ needs are met. Whether you want us to manage all or part of your payroll, or require payroll consulting services for your accounting staff, our goal is to make sure your payroll is handled in the most efficient way possible.

Our payroll services include, but are not limited to: maintaining payroll, processing payroll, preparation and distribution of paychecks, submission of forms and payment of payroll taxes to relevant authorities and all other payroll related services. Whatever your needs, we will work with you to make sure your business’ payroll needs are taken care of. Our objective is to give each client the care and attention they deserve to ensure they get the highest quality payroll services. Again, we are all about adding value to your firm.

Business Bookkeeping

Maintaining your books properly is a crucial part of any business and is essential to ensuring your success. We offer high quality bookkeeping services that are cost-effective and can lower your overhead costs. Our goal is to save you time and money by managing your bookkeeping, which allows you to spend more time working on the direct growth of your business.

Our bookkeeping services help you streamline your operations by managing some or all of your bookkeeping for you. We analyze your business needs to make the most of your existing resources and make sure your accounting is being handled in the most efficient way possible. With our advanced accounting knowledge we know exactly how to help you cut your overhead costs by outsourcing your accounting needs. If you have your own accounting staff, we offer consultancy services that will help them ensure proper accounting practices for your business. We have experience using various accounting software, so regardless of what bookkeeping software you use, we can help you use it in the most effective way possible. Our Quickbooks services will help you understand and use the software to manage your books.

In addition to simply managing your books, we are able to offer a variety of other related services. We can help you manage your payables and receivables, as well as prepare and review monthly financial statements so you can remain focused on what is happening with your firms’ finances. We can even help you make sales tax payments to the proper state and federal agencies. Our mission is to relieve you of the burden of maintaining and managing your own books and to help you avoid any bookkeeping errors or problems. We want to help you simplify the way you manage your accounting so you can focus on growing your business. With Tax Wiz bookkeeping services, you can be sure that you will get the top quality service at the best value possible.

Personal Bookkeeping Services

We offer personal bookkeeping services for individuals that need help maintaining and managing their finances. Maintaining your personal books of accounts in an organized manner can really help you grasp where your money is going and help you better manage your finances to reach your financial goals.

Whether you are a high net worth individual, own your own small business or are just trying to take charge of your family’s finances, we can help you with your personal bookkeeping needs. We can help you understand how to analyze your budget and set it according to your goals. We can also help you foresee any tax problems or advantages you should be aware of for your particular situation. With complex tax laws that are constantly changing, you need a qualified entity that has a complete grasp on these issues that can help guide you toward your goals. Take advantage of our expertise to ensure your personal bookkeeping is handled in the best way possible.

Quickbooks Services

We offer top quality Quickbooks services to clients to help them use the efficient software to manage their bookkeeping in the best possible way. We help both individual and corporate clients with Quickbooks solutions. Whether you outsource all of your accounting needs to a CPA firm, or have an in-house accounting team, we can help you make use of this powerful software in the best possible way, to ensure sound bookkeeping and best accounting practices are upheld.

With extensive Quickbooks experience, Tax Wiz can help you utilize this complicated software. Our goal is to help our clients reach their financial goals, and we know that having an accounting team that is knowledgeable and effective is crucial to any company’s success. Our vast knowledge of the Quickbooks software makes it possible for us to offer fantastic service to our clients.

We will help you set up your books in the proper way, learn how to maintain and manage them or manage them for you, and help you plan for any tax and accounting issues or problems that could arise. With our Quickbooks services you will remain alert and always be able to see what is going on with your business’ finances. We aim to save you money and time by ensuring that your bookkeeping is done right the first time. Outsourcing some or all of your bookkeeping needs to Tax Wiz can greatly increase the time you have to focus on the most critical parts of your business while decreasing your overhead costs.