Tax Return Preparation

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 Tax Preparation for individuals and businesses


Whether you are in individual taxpayer, own a small business, or have more complex tax needs, we have the necessary tools and knowledge to handle the job.

Complex Tax Laws

 Today’s tax laws are so complex that filing even a relatively simple tax return can be confusing. Not surprisingly, preparing your own income tax return can leave you with more questions than answers. Today, millions of taxpayers utilize tax professionals to prepare and electronically file their tax returns. It’s just too easy to overlook the deductions and credits to which you are entitled. In the US, over 75% of taxpayers believe they benefited from using a professional tax preparer. At Tax Wiz, we take the time to understand your unique tax situation. We find the tax deductions and credits that apply to your unique situation. We can help you with tax credits that you may qualify for, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), the Child Tax Credit, and the Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled. We’ll address your concerns and answer all of your questions with professional, fast, and friendly service. On top of efficient services,  we make customer service our top priority.


Convenient Service – We Can Come to You!

Having your personal or small business tax return prepared by a professional has never been easier or more convenient!  We can come to you!   We do have a comfortable, relaxing office, but we understand that you’re busy. We can meet with you in your home or office at a time that is convenient for you.  Evening and weekend appointments are available.


Call 402-560-0768 or e-mail us at to schedule an appointment or for more information.

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Tax Wiz is an authorized IRS e-file provider. With electronic filing, your tax return is filed directly with the IRS and your state’s Department of Revenue. By taking advantage of electronic filing, you’ll receive your refund in less than half the time compared to returns filed on paper and mailed in.  You will receive proof of filing. An acknowledgment is issued when your return is received and accepted.


What you will get from Tax Wiz

At Tax Wiz we do more than just complete your tax forms after the end of the year. In order to maximize your deductions and credits and minimize the tax you pay, we keep tabs on all of the changes and developments in federal and state tax laws and advise you throughout the year, so you’re in the best possible position when it’s time to file your tax return. 

Some of what you can expect:

  • Your tax return will be checked and rechecked by our computer software to insure compliance with all applicable IRS regulations.
  • In almost all cases, your tax return will an be filed electronically so you will get a refund back quicker.
  • If necessary, we will show you how to adjust your payroll withholding to get more money back each pay period. There is no use in giving the IRS an interest-free loan all year.
  • Wherever possible, we will show you potential deductions to limit your tax liability for next year. We will give you a personalized checklist of all of the potential deductions to keep track of for the next year.
  • We provide professional tax preparation services of the highest quality and value and we’ll respond to your needs quickly, competently, and cost-effectively.