Our Rates & Fees

Our tax return preparation fees are based on the complexity of your return.  This is usually measured by the number and types of forms, schedules, and worksheets that must be prepared to complete your return.  We aim to set our fees somewhere between the low priced “tax return factories”  operated primarily by the large national franchises and the higher fees typically charged by CPA firms.  The low priced national franchises can’t offer the personalized service we provide and most tax situations simply aren’t complex enough to justify the higher fees that CPA firms charge. We pride ourselves on offering quality service while maintaining quality relationships for an affordable price.

While it is nearly impossible to provide an exact fee until we assess your specific individual tax situation, the following example scenarios should help you determine which fee range might apply to your situation.  The estimates include electronic filing for both federal and state returns.  Please see our Discounts and Promotions listed below for some money saving offers!

  • Basic tax return with standard deduction — $135-$160
  • Tax return with itemized deductions — $160-$210
  • Tax retrun with standard deduction and a part time sole proprietorship or contract worker income — $225-$325
  • Tax return with itemized deductions and self-employment/small business income — $325-$450
  • Tax return with itemized deductions and income from several residential rental properties —  $375-$500
  • Business tax return (Form 1120 and Form 1065) — $500-$800
  • Bookkeeping–$60/hour, although we prefer a monthly or quarterly rate. Ask for details

Again, this is simply for your reference and to give you an idea. To learn more about tax preparation prices and fees here:http://taxes.about.com/od/findataxpreparer/a/prices.htm 

Future Fee Guarantee

With our “Future Fee Guarantee“, we assure you that we will not raise your tax preparation fees for at least two tax seasons after the first tax return that we prepare for you is filed unless your tax situation materially changes. This means that if you are required to file the same forms and schedules in subsequent years your total fee will not increase. If your subsequent returns require additional forms and schedules that were not required for your first return we prepared for you, the rates and fees are subject to increase due to the additional complexity and time required to complete your return.

Current Discounts and Promotions …

  • $25.00 discount off standard fees for all new customers

  • $25.00 for each referral you provide who becomes a tax preparation client with no limit on the number of referrals!

  • Complimentary initial tax planning consultation for all tax preparation customers

Just mention these offers when making your appointment!